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Keeping Up With Change in AI and Computer Vision

By Jeff Bier, President, Embedded Vision Alliance

Keeping Up With Change in AI and Computer VisionJeff Bier, President, Embedded Vision Alliance

In today’s technology world, the only thing that is constant is change. And in the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision, change is happening at an amazing rate. Why should you keep up with the changes in this exciting world, and how can you possibly do it?

The computer vision hardware and software market is expected to be worth over $50 billion by 2022, growing at over 33 percent per year. While this is spurring growth in start-up tech companies, many large companies are investing in their own vision-related solutions because the market is so young and fragmented while the uses vary so much from application to application. For example, over 80 companies are investing in facial recognition software alone! This is strong recognition that the addition of visual perception to systems and devices is profoundly improving their capabilities.

Three fundamental factors are driving this incredible technology success story about the proliferation of visual perception in so many applications:

1. Computer vision increasingly works well enough for real-world applications

The computer vision hardware and software market is expected to be worth over $50 billion by 2022, growing at over 33 percent per year

2. It can be deployed at low cost and low power consumption

3. And it’s increasingly usable by non-specialists

How are these vision systems designed, and how can you put practical computer vision know-how to use in your organization? You could spend months researching various online sites. But we have a much better idea. Attend the 2019 Embedded Vision Summit in Santa Clara, California (Silicon Valley) from May 20-23.

Join over 1200 computer vision specialists and executives for three days of learning, ranging from technical insights on how to build products incorporating visual perception to the latest business opportunities, trends, and challenges.

On the business side, you’ll hear from and mingle with executives who have built businesses using vision, talking about the trends, opportunities, and challenges. You’ll discover the biggest challenges and opportunities, and what companies are doing to meet the opportunities.

On the technical side, you’ll hear experts from major companies (like Google, Qualcomm, Amazon and Facebook) share their insights into how to build products using vision technology.

You’ll see demonstrations and discussions of efficient implementations of deep learning, the latest 3D techniques, how to implement vision applications in cost-and power-constrained applications, and how vision is being used in robotics, automotive, consumer, industrial, medical, surveillance and other applications.

The Vision Product of the Year Awards recognize the innovation and achievement of the industry’s leading technology, service, and end-product companies who are enabling the next generation of practical applications for computer vision. You can see who wins, and see what you can learn from their research.

Even early-stage start-ups have a place at the Embedded Vision Summit. Five of these companies will compete in the final round of the Vision Tank start-up competition, and the winners will leave with a cash prize, one-on-one advice from the judges, and valuable introductions to potential investors, customers, employees and suppliers.

By attending the Embedded Vision Summit, you can rub elbows and learn from industry innovators, top technologists, and smart engineers – game changers from around the world who are designing “machines that see.” Discover what other product creators are doing in their world that you can adapt to your own. It’s the one conference that pulls all this information together. And it’s worth the trip.

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